Vol 10, No 3 (May 1989): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

Original Articles

Solubilization and characterization of benzodiazepine receptors in frontal cortex of rabbit brain Pages:193-197
Jun Lin, Ben-rong Hu
Effects of intrahippocampal delta-receptors on inhibition of electroconvulsive shock by electro-acupuncture Pages:197-201
Xiao-ping He, Xiao-ding Cao
Effects of ohmefentanyl on rat respiration Pages:201-204
Zhong-zhen Nie, Kai-gao Zhang, Chong-quan Wang
P-7521—a new irreversible opioid ligand Pages:205-210
Wen-qiao Jin, Li-qun Fan, Xin-jian Chen, Xin-jian Chi
Stimulation of [3H]norepinephrine release from hippocampal slices by excitatory amino acids Pages:211-215
Hui-qiu Wu, Annamaria Vezzani, Rosario Samanin
Methionine-enkephalin alteration of mitogenic and mixed lymphocyte culture responses in zinc-deficient mice Pages:215-221
Gang Li, Pamela J Fraker
Antianginal effects of atenolol and pindolol in patients with stable effort angina pectoris Pages:222-226
Zoltan Antaloczy, Ede Kekes
Electrophysiologic effects of sophocarpine on papillary muscle in guinea pig Pages:227-229
Ping-jun Zhu, Yao-chun Liu, Zhen-yuan Li, De-zhang Yu
Effects of ranitidine and cimetidine on ventricular fibrillation threshold and dispersion of refractory period in early myocardial ischemia Pages:230-233
Xiao-xing Luo, Yue-hua Tan
Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of nifedipine in patients with congestive heart failure Pages:233-238
Da-guang Chen, Qing-ping Feng, Zi-qin Wang, Ke Chen
Effects of 2[p-(dimethylamino)styryl] pyridine methiodide on mouse and rabbit Pages:239-241
Cheng-ming Zhou, Ke-jin Zhang, Xiao-wen Wang, Li Bai, Xin-ming Mao
Hemodynamic effects of zinc sulfate on anesthetized open-chest dogs Pages:242-244
Feng-jun Ma, Geng-sheng Zhao, Xiao-guang Li
Stereoselectivity of arrhythmogenic effect of praziquantel in conscious rabbits Pages:245-248
Yuan-shu Qian, Yu-zhu Quan
Effects of tetrandrine on vascular permeability and neutrophil function in acute inflammation Pages:249-251
Feng-chi He, Ru-yu Tang, Dan-fan Yao
Biological N-oxidation of piperidine in vitro Pages:252-256
Dian-ying Wang, John W Gorrod, Arnold H Beckett
Antagonism of serum of mice infected with chloroquine-resistant 'NS' line to the antimalarial action of chloroquine Pages:257-260
Gao-de Li, Yong-le Qian, Lin Chen
DNA-protein, DNA interstrand cross-links induced by camphoramine chloroacetic platinum in vitro Pages:261-265
Long-gui Wang, Hong Zeng
Enhancement of interleukin-1 production in mouse peritoneal macrophages by methionine-enkephalin Pages:266-270
Si-xun Yang, Xiao-yu Li
Effect of insulin on the production of interleukin 2 by T lymphocytes Pages:270-274
Yi Luo, Zuo-hua Feng, Ru-duan Wang, Zhao-cong Chen
Inhibition of release of prostaglandins and leukotrienes from calcimycin-induced mouse peritoneal macrophages and bovine aorta endothelial cells by anisodamine Pages:274-278
Jian Li, Yuan-ying Jiang, Tian-li Yue
Effects of dauricine on the metabolism of arachidonic acid in rat pleural neutrophils Pages:279-282
Tian-li Yue, Li Tong
Ultrastructural study on effect of primaquine on sporogonic stage of Plasmodium yoelii nigeriensis Pages:282-284
Yun-lin Shi, Jun-de Yang, Pei-hui Chen
Effect of praziquantel and albendazole on ultrastructure of protoscolex of Echinococcus granulosus Pages:285-287
Shu-hua Xiao, Bing-gui Shen, Yuan-qing Yang, Ji-qing You, Dong-hui Xu, Jun-jie Chai, Wen-lin Zhang