Vol 28, No 9 (September 2007): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica(Special Issue on molecular targets, biomarkers and animal models for anti-cancer pharmacological research: potentials and challenges from chemoprevention to chemotherapeutic treatment)


Biomarkers for diet and cancer prevention research: potentials and challenges Pages(1262-1273)
Cindy D Davis, John A Milner
Predicting the physiological relevance of in vitro cancer preventive activities of phytochemicals Pages(1274-1304)
Lynne M Howells, Elena P Moiseeva, Christopher P Neal, Bethany E Foreman, Catherine K Andreadi, Yi-yang Sun, E Ann Hudson, Margaret M Manson
Targeting multiple signal pathways by chemopreventive agents for cancer prevention and therapy Pages(1305-1315)
Fazlul H Sarkar, Yi-wei Li
Leukemia, an effective model for chemical biology and target therapy Pages(1316-1324)
Guo-qiang Chen, Li-shun Wang, Ying-li Wu, Yun Yu
Emerging roles of deubiquitinating enzymes in human cancer Pages(1325-1330)
Jin-ming Yang
Keap1 eye on the target: chemoprevention of liver cancer Pages(1331-1342)
Melinda Sue Yates, Thomas Wells Kensler
Discovery and development of sulforaphane as a cancer chemopreventive phytochemical Pages(1343-1354)
Yuesheng Zhang, Li Tang
Molecular targets of cancer chemoprevention by garlic-derived organosulfides Pages(1355-1364)
Anna Herman-antosiewicz, Anna A Powolny, Shivendra V Singh
Oriental herbs as a source of novel anti-androgen and prostate cancer chemopreventive agents Pages(1365-1372)
Junxuan Lü, Sung-Hoon Kim, Cheng Jiang, HyoJeong Lee, Junming Guo
Vitamin D and prevention of breast cancer Pages(1373-1382)
JoEllen Welsh
Biomarker and animal models for assessment of retinoid efficacy in cancer chemoprevention Pages(1383-1391)
Richard M Niles
Tea beverage in chemoprevention and chemotherapy of prostate cancer Pages(1392-1408)
Imtiaz A Siddiqui, Mohammad Saleem, Vaqar M Adhami, Mohammad Asim, Hasan Mukhtar
Cancer chemoprevention by phytochemicals: potential molecular targets, biomarkers and animal models Pages(1409-1421)
Ki Han Kwon, Avantika Barve, Siwang Yu, Mou-Tuan Huang, Ah-Ng Tony Kong