Vol 30, No 8 (August 2009): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica


The neuroprotective mechanism of brain ischemic preconditioning   Pages (1071–1080)
Xiao-qian Liu, Rui Sheng, Zheng-hong Qin

Original Article

Breviscapine ameliorates hypertrophy of cardiomyocytes induced by high glucose in diabetic rats via the PKC signaling pathway   Pages (1081–1091)
Min Wang, Wen-bin Zhang, Jun-hui Zhu, Guo-sheng Fu, Bin-quan Zhou
Protective effects of betaglucin on myocardial tissue during myocardial infarction in rats and dogs   Pages (1092–1098)
Jiao Qian, Ai-jun Liu, Wei Zhang, Zhi-peng Wen, Li-li Lin, Jing-hang Wang, Ding-feng Su, Jian-guo Liu
Isoproterenol disperses distribution of NADPH oxidase, MMP-9, and pPKCϵ in the heart, which are mitigated by endothelin receptor antagonist CPU0213   Pages (1099–1106)
Yu-si Cheng, De-zai Dai, Yin Dai
Glycine inhibits the LPS-induced increase in cytosolic Ca2+ concentration and TNFα production in cardiomyocytes by activating a glycine receptor   Pages (1107–1114)
Hua-dong Wang, Xiu-xiu Lü, Da-xiang Lu, Ren-bin Qi, Yan-ping Wang, Yong-mei Fu, Li-wei Wang
Beta-receptor activation increases sodium current in guinea pig heart   Pages (1115–1122)
Hong-wei Wang, Zhi-fang Yang, Jian-min Yang, Yuan-mou Liu, Ci-zhen Li
High K+-induced contraction requires depolarization-induced Ca2+ release from internal stores in rat gut smooth muscle   Pages (1123–1131)
Timo Kirschstein, Mirko Rehberg, Rika Bajorat, Tursonjan Tokay, Katrin Porath, Rüdiger Köhling
Effect of adrenotensin on cell proliferation is mediated by angiotensin II in cultured rat mesangial cells   Pages (1132–1137)
Hong Xue, Ping Yuan, Li Zhou, Tai Yao, Yu Huang, Li-min Lu
C/EBP beta and C/EBP delta expression is elevated in the early phase of ethanol-induced hepatosteatosis in mice   Pages (1138–1143)
Yu-hsuan Chen, Chih-min Yang, Shih-pei Chang, Miao-lin Hu
Periplocoside A prevents experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by suppressing IL-17 production and inhibits differentiation of Th17 cells   Pages (1144–1152)
Jing Zhang, Jia Ni, Zhen-hua Chen, Xin Li, Ru-jun Zhang, Wei Tang, Wei-min Zhao, Yi-fu Yang, Jian-ping Zuo
Transformation of human liver L-O2 cells mediated by stable HBx transfection   Pages (1153–1161)
Wei-ying Zhang, Na Cai, Li-hong Ye, Xiao-dong Zhang
Silibinin inhibits prostate cancer invasion, motility and migration by suppressing vimentin and MMP-2 expression   Pages (1162–1168)
Kai-jie Wu, Jin Zeng, Guo-dong Zhu, Lin-lin Zhang, Dong Zhang, Lei Li, Jin-hai Fan, Xin-yang Wang, Da-lin He
Inhibition of MMP-3 activity and invasion of the MDA-MB-231 human invasive breast carcinoma cell line by bioflavonoids   Pages (1169–1176)
Kanokkarn Phromnoi, Supachai Yodkeeree, Songyot Anuchapreeda, Pornngarm Limtrakul
First step in pre-miRNAs processing by human Dicer   Pages (1177–1185)
Carlos Fabián Flores-jasso, Catalina Arenas-huertero, Jose Luis Reyes, Cecilia Contreras-cubas, Alejandra Covarrubias, Luis Vaca
Discovery of potent inhibitors for phosphodiesterase 5 by virtual screening and pharmacophore analysis   Pages (1186–1194)
Chien-yu Chen, Yea-huey Chang, Da-tian Bau, Hung-jin Huang, Fuu-jen Tsai, Calvin Yu-chian Chen
Novel 16-substituted bifunctional derivatives of huperzine B: multifunctional cholinesterase inhibitors   Pages (1195–1203)
Yu-fang Shi, Hai-yan Zhang, Wei Wang, Yan Fu, Yu Xia, Xi-can Tang, Dong-lu Bai, Xu-chang He
Early onset Paget's disease of bone caused by a novel mutation (78dup27) of the TNFRSF11A gene in a Chinese family   Pages (1204–1210)
Yao-hua Ke, Hua Yue, Jin-wei He, Yu-juan Liu, Zhen-lin Zhang