Vol 27, No 6 (June 2006): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica


Oncogenesis of RON receptor tyrosine kinase: a molecular target for malignant epithelial cancers   Pages (641-650)
Ming-hai Wang, Hang-ping Yao, Yong-qing Zhou

Original Article

Protective effects of compound FLZ on bold beta-amyloid peptide-(25–35)-induced mouse hippocampal injury and learning and memory impairment   Pages (651-658)
Fang Fang, Geng-tao Liu
Inhibition of ethanol-induced toxicity by tanshinone IIA in PC12 cells   Pages (659-664)
Xian-fang Meng, Xiao-jing Zou, Bin Peng, Jing Shi, Xin-min Guan, Chun Zhang
Protective effects of iptakalim, a novel ATP-sensitive potassium channel opener, on global cerebral ischemia-evoked insult in gerbils   Pages (665-672)
Hua Chen, Yong Yang, Hong-hong Yao, Xing-chun Tang, Jian-hua Ding, Hai Wang, Gang Hu
High doses of bifendate elevate serum and hepatic triglyceride levels in rabbits and mice: animal models of acute hypertriglyceridemia   Pages (673–678)
Si-yuan Pan, Rong Yang, Yi-fan Han, Hang Dong, Xu-dong Feng, Na Li, Wei Geng, Kam-ming Ko
Expression and purification of lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2, a key enzyme involved in atherosclerosis   Pages (679–684)
Fu-jun Zhang, Mao-jun Cai, Jing-kang Shen, Yi-ping Wang
Sonic hedgehog protein promotes bone marrow-derived endothelial progenitor cell proliferation, migration and VEGF production via PI 3-kinase/ Akt signaling pathways   Pages (685–693)
Jin-rong Fu, Wen-li Liu, Jian-feng Zhou, Han-ying Sun, Hui-zhen Xu, Li Luo, Heng Zhang, Yu-feng Zhou
Down-regulation of p210bcr/abl by curcumin involves disrupting molecular chaperone functions of Hsp90   Pages (694–699)
Li-xian Wu, Jian-hua Xu, Xiu-wang Huang, Kun-zhong Zhang, Cai-xia Wen, Yuan-zhong Chen
Multiple actions of lysophosphatidylcholine in human Jurkat T cells   Pages (700–707)
Young-jin Im, Yun-kyung Lee, Hae-young Chung, Dong-soon Im
Passive sensitization increases histamine-stimulated calcium signaling and NF-kappaB transcription activity in bronchial epithelial cells   Pages (708–714)
Si Jin, Dan Tian, Jian-guo Chen, Li-ping Zhu, Sheng-yuan Liu, Di-xun Wang
PPAR gamma inhibits growth of rat hepatic stellate cells and TGF beta-induced connective tissue growth factor expression   Pages (715–723)
Kai Sun, Qian Wang, Xiao-hui Huang
Effect of nicotinamide on newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic children   Pages (724–727)
Madeeha Kamal, Abdul-jabbar Al Abbasy, Ahood Al Muslemani, Abdulbari Bener
Protective effect of steroidal saponins from rhizome of Anemarrhena asphodeloides on ovariectomy-induced bone loss in rats   Pages (728–734)
Hua Nian, Lu-ping Qin, Wan-sheng Chen, Qiao-yan Zhang, Han-chen Zheng, Yin Wang
Anti-inflammatory effect of amurensin H on asthma-like reaction induced by allergen in sensitized mice   Pages (735–740)
Yi-tang Li, Chun-suo Yao, Jin-ye Bai, Mao Lin, Gui-fang Cheng
Recombinant human B7-H4 expressed in Escherichia coli inhibits T lymphocyte proliferation and IL-2 secretion in vitro   Pages (741–746)
Yi-xiang Mao, Yong-jing Chen, Yan Ge, Hong-bing Ma, Jian-feng Yu, Hong-ya Wu, Yu-min Hu, Qin Wang, Qin Shi, Xue-guang Zhang
Pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of polymeric micelles of paclitaxel with Pluronic P123   Pages (747–753)
Li-mei Han, Jie Guo, Li-jun Zhang, Qing-song Wang, Xiao-ling Fang
In vitro characteristics of poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) microspheres incorporating gelatin particles loading basic fibroblast growth factor   Pages (754–759)
Shao-hong Li, Shao-xi Cai, Bing Liu, Kai-wang Ma, Zhen-ping Wang, Xiao-kun Li
High-throughput screening for monoamine oxidase-A and monoamine oxidase-B inhibitors using one-step fluorescence assay   Pages (760–766)
Hong-mei Guang, Guan-hua Du