Vol 26, No 11 (November 2005): Acta Pharmacologica Sinica


Recent progress in alpha1-adrenergic receptor research Pages:1281-1287
Zhong-jian Chen, Kenneth P Minneman


Pharmacological attenuation of blood pressure variability Pages:1288-1289
Claude Julien

Original Articles

Changes of brain neuropeptide Y and its receptors in rats with flurazepam tolerance and dependence Pages:1290-1296
Li-ping Zhang, Li Wang
Histidine enhances carbamazepine action against seizures and improves spatial memory deficits induced by chronic transauricular kindling in rats Pages:1297-1302
Qing Li, Chun-lei Jin, Li-sha Xu, Zheng-bin Zhu-ge, Li-xia Yang, Lu-ying Liu, Zhong Chen
Synergistic effects of atenolol and amlodipine for lowering and stabilizing blood pressure in 2K1C renovascular hypertensive rats Pages:1303-1308
Fu-ming Shen, He-hui Xie, Gang Ling, Li-ping Xu, Ding-feng Su
CPU 86017, p-chlorobenzyltetrahydroberberine chloride, attenuates monocrotaline-induced pulmonary hypertension by suppressing endothelin pathway Pages:1309-1316
Tian-tai Zhang, Bing Cui, De-zai Dai, Wei Su
Chemokine RANTES is upregulated in monocytes from patients with hyperhomocysteinemia Pages:1317-1321
Wei Sun, Guang Wang, Zhen-min Zhang, Xiao-kun Zeng, Xian Wang
Predicting MDCK cell permeation coefficients of organic molecules using membrane-interaction QSAR analysis Pages:1322-1333
Li-li Chen, Jia Yao, Jian-bo Yang, Jie Yang
Roles of nitric oxide in protective effect of berberine in ethanol-induced gastric ulcer mice Pages:1334-1338
Long-rui Pan, Qiang Tang, Qin Fu, Ben-rong Hu, Ji-zhou Xiang, Jia-qing Qian
Chemopreventive effect of dimethyl dicarboxylate biphenyl on malignant transformation of WB-F344 rat liver epithelial cells Pages:1339-1344
Hua Sun, Geng-tao Liu
Effects of specific interleukin-1bold beta-converting enzyme inhibitor on ischemic acute renal failure in murine models Pages:1345-1351
Hua-feng Liu, Dong Liang, Li-ming Wang, Nan Zhou, Cui-wei Yao, Tao Hong, De-shen Tang, Xiao-wen Chen
A novel artemisinin derivative, 3-(12-bold beta-artemisininoxy) phenoxyl succinic acid (SM735), mediates immunosuppressive effects in vitro and in vivo Pages:1352-1358
Wen-liang Zhou, Jin-ming Wu, Qing-li Wu, Jun-xia Wang, Yu Zhou, Ru Zhou, Pei-lan He, Xiao-yu Li, Yi-fu Yang, Yu Zhang, Ying Li, Jian-ping Zuo
Effects of CpG-ODN on gene expression in formation of foam cells Pages:1359-1364
Kai Li, Bin Wan, Zhen-lin Hu, Ying He, Xiao-wen He, Lei Jiang, Shu-han Sun
Effect of protein kinase C alpha, caspase-3, and survivin on apoptosis of oral cancer cells induced by staurosporine Pages:1365-1372
Yu-xia Zhang, Shi-bin Yu, Jing-ping Ou-Yang, Dong Xia, Min Wang, Jin-rong Li
Antitumor activity of a novel recombinant mutant human tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand Pages:1373-1381
Fang Fang, Ai-ping Wang, Shi-fang Yang
Induction of liver cytochrome P450 1A2 expression by flutamide in rats Pages:1382-1386
Hai-xue Wang, Xiao Liu, Chang-jiang Xu, Xiao-chao Ma, Jian-er Long, Duan Li
Alterations of placental cytochrome P450 1A1 and P-glycoprotein in tobacco-induced intrauterine growth retardation in rats Pages:1387-1394
You-e Yan, Hui Wang, Ying-hong Feng
Multivesicular liposome formulations for the sustained delivery of interferon alpha-2b Pages:1395-1401
Jian Qiu, Xiao-hui Wei, Fang Geng, Rui Liu, Jing-wu Zhang, Yu-hong Xu
Permeation-enhancing effects of chitosan formulations on recombinant hirudin-2 by nasal delivery in vitro and in vivo Pages:1402-1408
Yu-jie Zhang, Chang-hua Ma, Wan-liang Lu, Xuan Zhang, Xiao-liang Wang, Jian-ning Sun, Qiang Zhang