APS’ new website is available now!

Published: 2016-11-03

It’s our pleasure to announce that the new website for the journal Acta Pharmacologica Sinica (APS) is now available to access (, which was developed and supported by AME Publishing Company (AME). 

As China's leading journal in pharmacology, APS offers high-quality, independently peer-reviewed research and review articles. Featured topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to, anticancer pharmacology, cardiovascular and pulmonary pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, drug discovery, gastrointestinal and hepatic pharmacology, genitourinary, renal and endocrine pharmacology, immunopharmacology and inflammation, molecular and cellular pharmacology, neuropharmacology, pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics.

 AME Publishing Company ( is as an international publisher of medical journals and books. Founded in 2009, AME has published 24 journals, with 2 journals (Journal of Thoracic Disease and Translational Cancer Research) indexed by Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) and 16 journals (e.g. Annals of Translational Medicine) indexed by PubMed. AME has also published 10 books in English, 15 books in Chinese and 60 e-books, categorized into four series - Medical Monograph, Medical Review (Key opinion of medical experts), Book of Excellence worldwide and Interview with experts. In addition, AME has held more than 100 conferences in a variety of forms.

 Per to the agreement between APS and AME in October 2015, AME will be responsible for future maintenance, and update of the new website. APS is still published by Nature Publishing Group (NPG). Articles from Vol 1, No 1 (September 1980) to Vol 35, No 12 (December 2014) are all included and open access in the new website. However, the current website of NPG ( only contains articles since 2005. Articles after 2014 will be updated later in the new website due to the agreement between APS and NPG.

 With the using of the new website of APS, it  will be more convenient for authors, reviewers, editorial board members and readers to look up all the articles published in the journal, which is also of great significance for the promotion and development of the journal APS.