China-Canada-USA Pharmacology/Physiology Conference

Published: 2017-06-21


June 25th-30th, 2017


Toronto, Canada

Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building, University of Toronto

144 College St. Toronto, Canada. M5S 3M2.


Provide a platform for knowledge exchange and international collaboration in the fields of physiology, pharmacology and drug development.


To promote scientific exchanges and research collaborations in the field of pharmacology and physiology, we will host the first ever China-Canada Pharmacology/Physiology Conference in Toronto, Canada. The conference will be sponsored by the University of Toronto, and will be co-organized with Chinese Pharmacological Society (CHPHARS), the Canadian Physiological Society (CPS), as well as the Canadian Society of Pharmacology and Therapeutics (CSPT), the Guangdong Pharmacological Society, North American Chapter Chinese Pharmacological Society (NACCPS), North American Chinese Pharmacological Association (NACPA), and other academic organizations.

The conference is initiated to provide a new platform for Chinese, Canadian and other international scientists to present and discuss their work with one another in the field of pharmacology and physiology, with the aim of facilitating education and cutting edge research through the sharing of ideas and/or the initiation of new research collaborations.

The conference will take place in the modern Pharmacy Building at the University of Toronto’s downtown campus. The University of Toronto (Department of Physiology) is the birthplace of insulin and alma mater of Dr. Norman Bethune. We welcome you to join us for this historic event and to expand the existing friendship between China and Canada.

为促进学术教学交流和研究合作,我们将在加拿大多伦多举办首届中国-加拿大-美国药理学生理学大会。大会将在加拿大多伦多大学药学院大楼举行,由加拿大多伦多大学及加拿大生理学会,与中国药理学会联合举办, 协办包括加拿大药理学治疗学会,广东省药理学会,中国药理学会北美分会, 北美华人药理学会等单位。多伦多大学生理系是胰岛素及其临床治疗功效的发现地,多伦多大学医学院是诺曼·白求恩大夫的母校,多伦多大学是扩大中加两国现有友谊的适当场所。我们欢迎您加入我们这次历史性的学术活动。

大会主办机构: 多伦多大学, 加拿大生理学会和中国药理学会合办


- China-Canada-USA Pharmacology/Physiology Conference Organizing Committee

2017 Toronto CCUPPC Conference Program (2017-06-18) rev3.pdf