Most cited papers published in 2003 and 2004

Published: 2006-06-23

The following are the most cited papers published in Acta Pharmacologica Sinica during 2003 and 2004, ranked by total citations up to date according to the ISI Web of Science.We are very grateful to all authors’ long-term support and excellent contributions to our journal.

1. Xiong B, Gui CS, Xu XY, Luo C, Chen J, Luo HB, et al.
A 3D model of SARS_CoV 3CL proteinase and its inhibitors design by virtual screening. (2003; 24: 497–504)
Times Cited: 42

2. Yu XJ, Luo C, Lin JC, Hao P, He YY, Guo ZM, et al.
Putative hAPN receptor binding sites in SARS_CoV spike protein.(2003; 24: 481–8)
Times Cited: 15

3. Shen X, Xue JH, Yu CY, Luo HB, Qin L, Yu XJ, et al.
Small envelope protein E of SARS: cloning, expression, purification, CD determination, and bioinformatics analysis. (2003; 24: 505–11)
Times Cited: 14

4. Cao LZ, Lin ZB.
Regulatory effect of Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides on cytotoxic T-lymphocytes induced by dendritic cells in vitro.(2003; 24: 321–6)
Times Cited: 12

5. Zhang Y, Wu LJ, Tashiro S, Onodera S, Ikejima T.
Evodiamine induces tumor cell death through different pathways: apoptosis and necrosis.(2004; 25: 83–9)
Times Cited: 11

6. Fan CL, Li Y, Gao PJ, Liu JJ, Zhang XJ, Zhu DL.
Differentiation of endothelial progenitor cells from human umbilical cord blood CD 34(+) cells in vitro.(2003; 24: 212–8)
Times Cited: 11

7. Zhang M, Zhang X, Bai CX, Chen J, Wei MQ.
Inhibition of epidermal growth factor receptor expression by RNA interference in A549 cells.(2004; 25: 61–7)
Times Cited: 10

8. He SH, Chen P, Chen HQ.
Modulation of enzymatic activity of human mast cell tryptase and chymase by protease inhibitors.(2003; 24: 923–9)
Times Cited: 10

9. Chang L, Du JB, Gao LR, Pang YZ, Tang CS.
Effect of ghrelin on septic shock in rats.(2003; 24: 45–9)
Times Cited: 10

10. Qin YJ, Zhang ZL, Huang QR, He JM, Hu YQ, Zhao Q, et al.
Association of vitamin D receptor and estrogen receptor-a gene polymorphism with peak bone mass and bone size in Chinese women.(2004; 25: 462–8)
Times Cited: 9

11. Guo LQ, Yamazoe Y.
Inhibition of cytochrome P450 by furanocoumarins in grapefruit juice and herbal medicines.(2004;25: 129–36)
Times Cited: 9

12. Iskit AB, Guc O.
Effects of endothelin and nitric oxide on organ injury, mesenteric ischemia, and survival in experimental models of septic shock.(2003; 24 : 953–7)
Times Cited: 9

13. Li XH, Li JJ, Zhang HW, Sun P, Zhang YL, Cai SH, et al.
Nimesulide inhibits tumor growth in mice implanted hepatoma: overexpression of Bax over Bcl-2.(2003; 24: 1045–50)
Times Cited: 9

14. Wise H.
Multiple signalling options for prostacyclin.(2003; 24: 625–30)
Times Cited: 9

15. Liu BC, Chen Q, Luo DD, Sun J, Phillips AO, Ruan XZ, et al.
Mechanisms of irbesartan in prevention of renal lesion in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. (2003; 24: 67–73)
Times Cited: 9