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Chinese herbal formula Fuzheng Huayu alleviates CCl4-induced liver fibrosis in rats: a transcriptomic and proteomic analysis

	author = {Shu DONG and Fei-fei CAI and Qi-long CHEN and Ya-nan SONG and Yang SUN and Bin WEI and Xiao-yan LI and Yi-yang HU and Ping LIU and Shi-bing SU},
	title = {Chinese herbal formula Fuzheng Huayu alleviates CCl 4 -induced liver fibrosis in rats: a transcriptomic and proteomic analysis},
	journal = {Acta Pharmacologica Sinica},
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	abstract = {Abstract
Liver fibrosis is a consequence of chronic liver disease that can progress to liver cirrhosis or even hepatocarcinoma. Fuzheng Huayu (FZHY), a Chinese herbal formula, has been shown to exert anti-fibrotic effects. To better understand the molecular mechanisms underlying the anti-fibrotic effects of FZHY, we analyzed transcriptomic and proteomic combination profiles in CCl4-induced liver fibrosis in rats, which were treated with extracted FZHY powder (0.35 g·kg–1·d–1, ig) for 3 weeks. We showed that FZHY administration significantly improved liver function, alleviated hepatic inflammatory and fibrotic changes, and decreased the hydroxyproline content in the livers of CCl4-treated rats. When their liver tissues were examined using microarray and iTRAQ, we found 255 differentially expressed genes (fold change ≥1.5, P},
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