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Organ preservation: from the past to the future

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Organ transplantation is the most effective therapy for patients with end-stage disease. Preservation solutions and techniques are crucial for donor organ quality, which is directly related to morbidity and survival after transplantation. Currently, static cold storage (SCS) is the standard method for organ preservation. However, preservation time with SCS is limited as prolonged cold storage increases the risk of early graft dysfunction that contributes to chronic complications. Furthermore, the growing demand for the use of marginal donor organs requires methods for organ assessment and repair. Machine perfusion has resurfaced and dominates current research on organ preservation. It is credited to its dynamic nature and physiological-like environment. The development of more sophisticated machine perfusion techniques and better perfusates may lead to organ repair/reconditioning. This review describes the history of organ preservation, summarizes the progresses that has been made to date, and discusses future directions for organ preservation.},
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