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Antibody therapeutics targeting ion channels: are we there yet?

	author = {Han Sun and Min Li},
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	abstract = {Han SUN, Min LI*

Department of Neuroscience, High Throughput Biology Center and Johns Hopkins Ion Channel Center (JHICC), School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD 21205, USA

The combination of technological advances, genomic sequences and market success is catalyzing rapid development of antibody-based therapeutics.  Cell surface receptors and ion channel proteins are well known drug targets, but the latter has seen less success.  The availability of crystal structures, better understanding of gating biophysics and validation of physiological roles now form an excellent foundation to pursue antibody-based therapeutics targeting ion channels to treat a variety of diseases.

Keywords: ion channel; antibody; autoimmune neurological disorder; channelopathy; protein-based therapeutics
We thank members of the Li laboratory for valuable discussions, reviewers for helpful comments, and Alison Neal for editorial assistance.  This work is supported by grants to ML from the National Institutes of Health (GM078579, MH084691) and Maryland Stem Cell Research Foundation (2010-MSCRFE-0164-00).
* To whom correspondence should be addressed. 
Received 2012-12-28    Accepted 2013-01-01},
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