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Anti-ophidic toxin action of Agkistrodon acutus serum

	author = {Jie-tang Huang and Xiao-lan Ren and Mei Zhang and Guo-qiang Teng},
	title = {Anti-ophidic toxin action of Agkistrodon acutus serum},
	journal = {Acta Pharmacologica Sinica},
	volume = {3},
	number = {4},
	year = {2016},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {The lethal effect of the venom of was protected by its serum. The serum alleviated the tissue necrosis and protected the blood system of rabbits when given a lethal dose of the snake venom.
  In mice the LD of snake serum>2.5 g/kg. In anesthetized dogs iv the snake serum 200 mg/kg caused no influence on respiration, blood pressure, ECG,peripheral blood picture, hepatic and renal functions. No pathologic changes were found after 7 d.
  By ammonium sulfate fractional precipitation, DEAE-Sephadex A-50 column chromatography, CM-Celluloses C-32 column chromatography and polyacrylamide gel plate electrophoresis, an an-titoxin factor was purified from the snake serum. Its isoelectric pt=4.0 and its mol wt=c 70,000. The activity of this factor against  venom was increased by 10 times.
Complement fixation tests and agar immunodiffusion tests proved that the antitoxic action of  serum manifested no antigen-antibody reaction.},
	issn = {1745-7254},	url = {}