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Antithrombotic effect of sodium ferulate in rats

	author = {Li-na Xu and Rong Ou-yang},
	title = {Antithrombotic effect of sodium ferulate in rats},
	journal = {Acta Pharmacologica Sinica},
	volume = {2},
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	year = {2016},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Male rats weighing above 350 g were used. A carotid-jugular extracorporeal shunt was made. A length of silk thread was placed in the shunt. Fifteen minutes after the restoration of blood flow in the shunt, the wet weight of thrombus developed the thread was measured.
The thrombus weight was significantly reduced when sodium ferulate was given iv 0.3 g/kg. The thrombus weight of control group was 22.1+/-2.9 mg, and that of the medicated group was 11.3+/-1.4 mg. The inhibitory rate was 50%. The antithrombotic effect lasted longer than 1 h.
These results indicate that sodium ferulate may be of value in the treatment of thrombo-embolic diseases.},
	issn = {1745-7254},	url = {}