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Calcium signaling in physiology and pathophysiology

	author = {He-ping Cheng and Sheng Wei and Li-ping Wei and Alexei Verkhratsky},
	title = {Calcium signaling in physiology and pathophysiology},
	journal = {Acta Pharmacologica Sinica},
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	abstract = {Calcium ions are the most ubiquitous and pluripotent cellular signaling molecules that control a wide variety of cellular processes. The calcium signaling system is represented by a relatively limited number of highly conserved transporters and channels, which execute Ca2+ movements across biological membranes and by many thousands of Ca2+-sensitive effectors. Molecular cascades, responsible for the generation of calcium signals, are tightly controlled by Ca2+ ions themselves and by genetic factors, which tune the expression of different Ca2+-handling molecules according to adaptational requirements. Ca2+ ions determine normal physiological reactions and the development of many pathological processes.},
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