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MicroRNAs are involved in the development and progression of gastric cancer

	author = {Xiaolin Liu and Ruixia Ma and Bin Yi and Adam I. Riker and Yaguang Xi},
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	abstract = {MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are recognized as an essential component of the RNA family, exerting multiple and intricate biological functions, particularly in the process of tumorigenesis, proliferation, and metastatic progression. MiRNAs are altered in gastric cancer (GC), showing activity as both tumor suppressors and oncogenes, although their true roles have not been fully understood. This review will focus upon the recent advances of miRNA studies related to the regulatory mechanisms of gastric tumor cell proliferation, apoptosis, and cell cycle. We hope to provide an in-depth insight into the mechanistic role of miRNAs in GC development and progression. In particular, we summarize the latest studies relevant to miRNAs’ impact upon the epithelial- mesenchymal transition, tumor microenvironment, and chemoresistance in GC cells. We expect to elucidate the molecular mechanisms involving miRNAs for better understanding the etiology of GC, and facilitating the development of new treatment regimens for the treatment of GC.},
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