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Cathepsin L induced PC-12 cell apoptosis via activation of B-Myb and regulation of cell cycle proteins

	author = {Xiao Shen and Yi-fan Zhao and Shu-qing Xu and Long Wang and Hui-min Cao and Ying Cao and Ying Zhu and Yan Wang and Zhong-qin Liang},
	title = {Cathepsin L induced PC-12 cell apoptosis via activation of B-Myb and regulation of cell cycle proteins},
	journal = {Acta Pharmacologica Sinica},
	volume = {40},
	number = {11},
	year = {2019},
	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Cathepsin L (CTSL), a cysteine protease, is responsible for the degradation of a variety of proteins. It is known to participate in neuronal apoptosis associated with abnormal cell cycle. However, the mechanisms underlying CTSL-induced cell apoptosis remain largely unclear. We reported here that rotenone caused an activation of CTSL expression in PC-12 cells, while knockdown of CTSL by small interfering RNAs or its inhibitor reduced the rotenone-induced cell cycle arrest and apoptosis. Moreover, elevation of CTSL and increased-apoptosis were accompanied by induction of B-Myb, a crucial cell cycle regulator. We found that B-Myb was increased in rotenone-treated PC-12 cells and knockdown of B-Myb ameliorated rotenone-stimulated cell apoptosis. Further analysis demonstrated that CTSL influenced the expression of B-Myb as suppression of CTSL activity led to a decreased B-Myb expression, whereas overexpression of CTSL resulted in B-Myb induction. Reduction of B-Myb in CTSL-overexpressing cells revealed that regulation of cell cycle-related proteins, including cyclin A and cyclin B1, through CTSL was mediated by the transcription factor B-Myb. In addition, we demonstrated that the B-Myb target, Bim, and its regulator, Egr-1, which was also associated with CTSL closely, were both involved in rotenone-induced apoptosis in PC-12 cells. Our data not only revealed the role of CTSL in rotenone-induced neuronal apoptosis, but also indicated the involvement of B-Myb in CTSL-related cell cycle regulation.},
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