Institutional Subscriptions

Institutional customers have the choice of purchasing a print subscription, a site license (online subscription), or to take both options. Brief information about institutional subscriptions is given below. Detailed purchasing information is available at the Librarian Gateway.

Site Licenses

Online institutional subscriptions are purchased through a site license. The cost is dependant on the size and type of your institution and a signed site license agreement is required. We, therefore, recommend that you talk to one of NPG's sales representatives about your online needs.

Visit the Librarian Gateway for more information.

Institutional Print Subscriptions

Institutional print subscriptions are purchased separately from a site license and can be ordered through:

Full pricing and more information is available at the Librarian Gateway.

NPG's Librarian Gateway is designed to guide you through the purchase process, inform you of the benefits of a subscription and answer any questions that you may have. The site now includes site license pricing for academic institutions as well as all print prices. You will also find full contact details for your local NPG sales representative.

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