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FUT2 gene involved in expression of H blood group antigen on surface of human tumor cell lines BEL-7404, SGC-7901, and SPC-A-1

Li Xing, Li-He Guo


To investigate the expression of blood group H antigen on the surface of several human tumor cell lines such as BEL-7404, SPC-A-1, and SGC-7901.
In vitro and in vivo expression of the blood group H antigen was analyzed with flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry. Expression of FUT2 gene was determined by RT-PCR, Southern blot, and restriction digestion.
Flow cytometric analysis showed that SGC-7901 cells, BEL-7404 cells, and SPC-A-1 cells had mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) values of 162 +/- 43, 81 +/- 25, and 28 +/- 17, respectively. DNA fragments of about 1.0 kb in length were obtained by RT-PCR from RNA isolated from these cells and were detected by FUT2-specific [alpha-32P]dATP labeled DNA probes.
Human tumor cell lines BEL-7404, SGC-7901, and SPC-A-1 all expressed blood group H antigen on their cell membranes in vitro and in vivo, but their expression levels varied significantly between different cell lines. FUT2 gene expression resulted in the production of these antigens on the cell membrane."

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